CRASH: Autodrive Hits Alpha!

Hello everybody!

I’m excited to report that CRASH: Autodrive is now fully playable from beginning to end! You can start a new game in the main menu and play all the way through to the credits for the first time! (aka alpha!). Even better, it works on both PC and a yet-to-be-announced console.

Does this mean it’s done?

Oh no, it’s not done. But it’s getting close! I still need to hook up character face and body poses for the final two chapters, make some menus look good, test the save game system A TON, rewrite some dialogue, hookup sounds, and a ton of other little things that go into finishing a game.

So when’s it coming out?

Soon…ish! I’m shooting for mid 2021. Since this is Studio Nightcap’s first release, I’m going to play it safe and wait for the game build to be approved on the console(s) before announcing the official release date. I’ve seen too many indies struggle when they announce a date only to have to delay it because they need to fix some things on consoles.

It’s the homestretch now, baby. Thanks for reading. I’m gonna go get to work and try to bring this thing home!


– David

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