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CRASH: Autodrive is OUT NOW on Steam!

Hello friends!

The day is FINALLY here!
CRASH: Autodrive is now available on Steam (PC)!

It’s taken years of hard work on the side from a normal day job, but I finally got it done with the help from some hired hands and some good friends. Check out the official launch trailer below and, of course, feel free to hit that buy button below to go to the Steam store! 😀

Have a great day!

CRASH: Autodrive Hits Alpha!

Hello everybody!

I’m excited to report that CRASH: Autodrive is now fully playable from beginning to end! You can start a new game in the main menu and play all the way through to the credits for the first time! (aka alpha!). Even better, it works on both PC and a yet-to-be-announced console.

Does this mean it’s done?

Oh no, it’s not done. But it’s getting close! I still need to hook up character face and body poses for the final two chapters, make some menus look good, test the save game system A TON, rewrite some dialogue, hookup sounds, and a ton of other little things that go into finishing a game.

So when’s it coming out?

Soon…ish! I’m shooting for mid 2021. Since this is Studio Nightcap’s first release, I’m going to play it safe and wait for the game build to be approved on the console(s) before announcing the official release date. I’ve seen too many indies struggle when they announce a date only to have to delay it because they need to fix some things on consoles.

It’s the homestretch now, baby. Thanks for reading. I’m gonna go get to work and try to bring this thing home!


– David

2020 Recap!

As the end of a pretty crappy year for everyone comes to an end, I thought it would be good to reflect on what got accomplished for CRASH: Autodrive and to be transparent about what is left to do. So here we go!

Major Milestones and Events!

– Participated at the MAGFest Indie Videogame Showcase and it was SO AMAZING!
– Released a free “Prologue” chapter on Steam. You can go play it now!
– Released a free Demo on Steam (basically the same as the Prologue).
– Participated in Steam’s Autumn Game Festival and got a few thousand wishlists and downloads for the demo!
– Participated in local Pittsburgh Bit Bridge indie game events.

Development Progress!

What got added to CRASH: Autodrive?

– Found a composer and he wrote a soundtrack that is inspired by music from games like Phoenix Wright. Check out a sample here!
– Finalized the story based on player feedback from MAGFest.
– All of the gameplay art is done!
– Finished writing and scripting Chapter 1 and Chapter 2.
– Added an interactive computer where you can snoop on emails, etc.
– Added a hacking minigame on the computer.
– Added a save game system.
– Added controller and touch screen support.
– Got the game working on TBA console!

What’s Left To Do?

– Dialogue writing and scripting for Chapter 3 (the last one!)
– Art hooking and scripting for some “cutscenes.”
– Finish porting the game on the TBA console.
– QA and bug fixing.
– Officially announce what console(s) the game will be on!

Wrapping Up

Whew! That was a lot of work! There’s still plenty to do though. The old joke in game dev is that the last 20% of the work is actually more like 80%. My years of experience tell me that there will be a ton of unexpected tasks that will pop up as I hit the home stretch and start finishing everything. Until then, I hope you have a great holiday 2020 season and a better 2021 for all!

– David

Announcing CRASH: Autodrive – Prologue! Available now!

Surprise! CRASH: Autodrive just got a FREE demo on Steam (PC) and it’s available RIGHT NOW!

Also, check out the hot new announcement trailer!

Why a free demo out of nowhere?
Well, the original release date was supposed to be August 2021 and that clearly isn’t going to happen, so to help make up for it, I wanted to let people get a taste of the game now. You can get it by clicking the green button below:

Any feedback and reviews would be appreciated. Enjoy the demo, and I look forward to getting you the full game in the future!


CRASH: Autodrive is going to MAGFest 2020!


I’m happy to announce that CRASH: Autodrive has been selected to join the MAGFest Indie Video Game Showcase (MIVS)!

I’ve shown AAA games before at big events like E3, but I’ve never shown MY OWN indie game before, so this is new and exciting for me!

This is also the first festival for CRASH: Autodrive, so I’m excited to get reactions and feedback from people to help improve the game as it’s still in early alpha development status.

Want to find the game at MAGFest?
Come find me at Booth 32!

(Hopefully) See you at MAGFest! 😀


Announcing CRASH: Autodrive!

Hello, friends!

I’m happy to finally announce Studio Nightcap’s first game, CRASH: Autodrive!

CRASH: Autodrive is a murder mystery game set in the near future where the self-driving Autocab you’re in hits a cyclist. As you talk with the other passengers, and use the clues you find to contradict their lies, it becomes clear that you ALL know the victim and have a motive for murder…even the car!

If that sounds interesting to you, please sign up for our mailing list or go to to add it to your Steam Wishlist (or better yet, do both!).

The game is in the visual novel genre and shares some DNA with games like Phoenix Wright. I hope you like it when it comes out later in 2020!


A New Dream

When I started making games in 2006, I dreamed of making games that I liked to play. I mostly dreamed of making games like The Legend of Zelda and DOOM. I achieved that dream at Respawn Entertainment and Naughty Dog, but decided it was time for a new dream.

So here we are! Founding Studio Nightcap! I’ve always loved smaller, more intimate indie games so that’s what I want to make now.

I’ve made a lot of friends in the game industry over the years so I’ll be collaborating with some very talented people to bring these games to life. Stay tuned and thanks for joining me on this new journey!


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