As the end of a pretty crappy year for everyone comes to an end, I thought it would be good to reflect on what got accomplished for CRASH: Autodrive and to be transparent about what is left to do. So here we go!

Major Milestones and Events!

– Participated at the MAGFest Indie Videogame Showcase and it was SO AMAZING!
– Released a free “Prologue” chapter on Steam. You can go play it now!
– Released a free Demo on Steam (basically the same as the Prologue).
– Participated in Steam’s Autumn Game Festival and got a few thousand wishlists and downloads for the demo!
– Participated in local Pittsburgh Bit Bridge indie game events.

Development Progress!

What got added to CRASH: Autodrive?

– Found a composer and he wrote a soundtrack that is inspired by music from games like Phoenix Wright. Check out a sample here!
– Finalized the story based on player feedback from MAGFest.
– All of the gameplay art is done!
– Finished writing and scripting Chapter 1 and Chapter 2.
– Added an interactive computer where you can snoop on emails, etc.
– Added a hacking minigame on the computer.
– Added a save game system.
– Added controller and touch screen support.
– Got the game working on TBA console!

What’s Left To Do?

– Dialogue writing and scripting for Chapter 3 (the last one!)
– Art hooking and scripting for some “cutscenes.”
– Finish porting the game on the TBA console.
– QA and bug fixing.
– Officially announce what console(s) the game will be on!

Wrapping Up

Whew! That was a lot of work! There’s still plenty to do though. The old joke in game dev is that the last 20% of the work is actually more like 80%. My years of experience tell me that there will be a ton of unexpected tasks that will pop up as I hit the home stretch and start finishing everything. Until then, I hope you have a great holiday 2020 season and a better 2021 for all!

– David

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